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The mission of Tradesparq is to improve transparency within international trade. We try to find ways to provide information that help people make better decisions, to improve our industry. Shipment data is a treasure trove that can be used by both suppliers and buyers to validate each other.

Currently Tradesparq tracks all waterbound imports into the United States. For every shipment we have the importer, exporter, contents, weight and arrival date. We provide the greatest amount and quality of free data available, and the cheapest access to complete data available.

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The first version of shipment data went live in October 2012 so we currently have about 10 million shipment records and half a million importer and exporter profiles. The records of an importer or exporter is the second tab under thier profile. They are locked behind the VIP paywall, however you can see the 3 most recent shipment for free.

For a company like Samsung with thousands of shipments and many product categories we allow you to filter by keyword, trade partner, ports and date.


A key feature for shipments data is the ability to track a company's shipments. Free users can track one company, VIP's are unlimited. Whenever a tracked company has a new shipment we add it to a users's "Shipment Feed" and send them an email. This is a greate freatuer for users doing competitive research. Release of the tracking feature has lead to a boost in organic sales.